Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Encounter in the Woods

There are some awesome nature trails in and around my little town of Roosevelt, NJ.  Almost all of them go through woods.  While walking there I feel the place is magical.  This painting represents one of an encounter I had in the those woods with one of the other locals, a deer.

The Encounter in the Woods Pastel 8" X 10"  $400.00

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  1. I walked with her at dusk on Tuesday. We saw a couple of deer ahead on the trail but I wasn't fast enough with my camdera. It was fun to watch Ellen paint this one from pictures taken earlier in the week. Since it was storming at dawn yesterday our plein aire was cancelled but it was an excellent day to buy Halo Farm ice cream and then paint inside working on pictures started earlier from photographs. Working beside Ellen makes to want to take breaks from eating to paint and paint and paint some more.